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He will be addressed one day soon for that and more.

He’s no stranger to slander.

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Don’t pussy out on your new pussy! (:

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Trans men are not decaf men and should be held to the same level of accountability as cis men.

Accountable for what? I must have missed something important where all men are responsible for something that women aren’t, and vise versa. Wasn’t aware you could make such a sweeping generalization over something as arbitrary as this.

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I don’t take those terms literally. I don’t think many do. 

-Oh, you fucker!
-Why yes, I do have a lot of sex.

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every time someone uses the phrase “opposite gender” i’m reminded of little kids believing that dogs are the opposite of cats

What a funny coinkydink! When i hear “Opposite sex” i think about cats and dogs getting it on!

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Race != culture!

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